Alternate Construction Delivery Methods

The equipment was supposed to ship two weeks ago… lead times have increased… the factory can’t guarantee a ship date… can we find a substitute?… All of this and more have been said over the last three years as we have seen the effects of COVID-19 and its impact on the global economy.  It has impacted factory shutdowns in a variety of industries and delays on many different equipment components. On top of the COVID-19 impact, we have had Department of Energy impacts on equipment efficiency requirements that have HVAC equipment manufacturers scrambling to produce more efficient equipment and meet high demand. Now more than ever, is a great time to explore different construction delivery methods so that your equipment can get ordered and your construction clock can start sooner rather than later. 

Owner Furnished Equipment – Design – Bid – Build

Working with your design team, we can review the project and identify critical and long lead items.  Once these items are identified, we can work with commercial equipment manufacturers to get bids for the equipment. If you have a preference, we can work with your preferred vendors or your preferred manufacturers. Once we have the bids, we can make recommendations and approve submittals.  Owners can send purchase orders directly to the equipment vendors and design can move forward using the owner purchased equipment.  Construction Documents can be generated with the contractor being required to store, warrant and install the owner provided equipment.

Pros – Reduced Cost (Reduction of Equipment Markups), More Design Professional Involvement, More Owner Involvement

Cons – Gray Warranty Areas, Change Orders More Likely

Contractor Furnished Equipment – Design – Build

Pros – Clear Warranty Conditions, Change Orders Less Likely, Faster Timeline

Cons – More Expensive, System Engineered To Lowest First Cost, Less Owner Involvement, Less Design Professional Involvement

At Expand Consulting Group, we have the expertise to work in both of these construction delivery methods. We can become part of your existing design team to help deliver design-bid-build wor, or join a contractor to help them complete your next design – build project.